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Bob Beck

“The Book, Winning in the 5th Quarter started out as simply a labor of love for my oldest son. When he came to me and expressed a sincere desire to achieve a DI college scholarship for football and dedicated himself towards achieving that goal, I became concerned. Robbie started paying football at 6 years old. I encouraged him to play, OK I pushed him to play. The reasons were very pure; I used football to teach the life lessons and principles of success the game of football uniquely offers all players regardless of the level. Let me explain, when I got out of college and stopped playing football I was so poor I was on welfare. It was at that point I figured out if I just applied what I had learned on the football field to my new game, life; I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. Coach Ken Hatfield told me that the NFL did a study and discovered over 80% of their players struggled with financial issues, addiction problems and relationship challenges within the first four years of leaving the league. The book grew in scope and is meant to help people understand and apply the principles of success in all aspects of their lives. Sports are really a microcosm for life. Now I’m on a mission to help athletes from all sports successfully transition from their game to the game of life.”

Beck has over twenty-eight years of experience in creating, expanding, and running organizations with an unsurpassed record of accomplishment. Having been on the ground floor with three self-funded start-ups as a senior executive and leading their growth through successful IPO, Bob is truly a unique resource. Bob is a former board member and is an executive partner to several firms. He is a dedicated to personal and professional development. He offers training programs, author books, speaks around the world, coaches and consults. Thus far Bob has addressed groups in ten countries.

In 2009 Beck’s book, "Winning in the 5th QuarterApplying the Secrets of football to Your Life Strategy Playbook”, was published and can be found on this site, Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com. This is an inspiring comparison between the lessons that should be learned from the game of football and the attributes of success that can be applied in all of our lives.

In 2005 Beck Authored the book, "Mutual Respect-The art and practice of the Quid Pro Quo Selling approach", which can be found at www.MutualRespect.net, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon.com.  In 1999 Bob was asked to contribute to INC. Magazine's book, "310 Great Ideas for Smarter Selling".

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