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"This weekend was a one that will forever change our lives for the better..."
~Cornelius Anthony, Former NFL Player (read full testimonial)

Winning in the 5th Quarter is a thesis on success, life, love and joy...
~Coach Ken Hatfield (read full testimonial)

This book captures what every player and parent needs to understand about the game of football..."
~Coach Larry Brinson
(read full testimonial)

This book is nothing less than a guide for lifelong success.."
~Grant Teaff (read full testimonial)

Bob Beck has extracted the success DNA from the game of football and cloned it so it can grow into a winning game plan in the reader's conscious mind...”
~Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher Selling Power
(read full testimonial)

Winning in the 5th Quarter is timeless classic...
~Loretta LaRoche (read full testimonial)

"These words have needed to be written for years. I am glad Bob Beck finally put it all together!
~Chip Smith
(read full testimonial)

“This book will become part of our culture.”
~ Coach David Bailiff (read full testimonial)

Thank you for writing this book. Now I can finally relate to my son like my husband does.”
~Ebony Anderson, Author of the book “If I was just a Little Taller”

"I have started reading Winning in the 5th Quarter and it is amazing how many similarities our philosophies have."
~Robert T. Taylor III, Head Football Coach, Defiance College

"The effectiveness of your program is already coming in to play.  The members that attended have already started to network amongst each other..."
~Izell Reese, Vice President, NFLPA Atlanta Chapter
(read full testimonial)

"The Q5 program is a must for former players and maybe their spouses..."
~Dewey McClain, President, MAC-NFLPA
(read full testimonial)

"It proved to be a powerful, spiritual, and moving experience for me and all who attended..." 
~Michael D. Ciepiela, MD
(read full testimonial)

"It is the desire of each participating member that the NFLRPA adopt this program for all current, retired and retiring players..."
~Michael R. Harris, MEd
(read full testimonial)

"I will say though that reading your book and attending the Q5 program made me realize that they're is nothing wrong with getting my swagger back..."
~Carlester Crumpler (read full testimonial)

"Thanks Coach Beck, the information you shared with us was priceless..."
~Joe Burns (read full testimonial)

"I wanted to let you know that Winning in the 5th Quarter is spot on!  Life really begins after football...it just takes some players time to adjust and find their next goal in life..."
~Brett N. Wiese (read full testimonial)

"[Mr. Beck's] very own personal life lessons combined with well thought out plans of action for tackling anything that comes your way, was not only motivating but very uplifting..."
~Anthony D. Blaylock, Former NFL Player
(read full testimonial)

"I will begin the task of fulfilling my life's purpose. The Q5 program opened my eyes to many things. Everyone needs to go through your program..."
~Rico McDonald (read full testimonial)

"Thanks for creating a forum to help former players strive to balance their lives outside of football..."
~Ron Davis (read full testimonial)

"The direction & parameters that are in the workbook are much needed guides & reminders to help me stay focused..."
~George Nock (read full testimonial)

"Your Q5 program is life changing!!! I too want to "Continue" dancing in the 5th Qtr..."
~Wymon Henderson (read full testimonial)

"I left the workshop with tremendous hope, optimism, and skills that I continue to use to this day..."
~Steven Herndon (read full testimonial)

"Bob you’re doing a great job and I hope there is much success in what you are trying to achieve with players focusing in on the fifth quarter."
~Patsy Lewis, Wife of Former NFL Player Brandon Lewis (read full testimonial)

"I think this workshop can help a lot of current football players more than even the retired players because they still have a chance on building there future."
~Khari Long (read full testimonial)

"It is my sincere hope that this program will become available to the general population of both active as well retired players."
~Leigh-Ann Hampton (read full testimonial)

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